Policy makers, Government officials, Chief Executive Officers, Boards and most importantly, shop floor workers from all over the world are welcome to come and practice Industrial Combat as they find solutions to the complex problem of trade, economic and industrial war. National economies can benefit from the study of 7Tao because of the understanding they receive from the practice. They learn lessons about the problems in the factory and begin the building process to make a better world. Our process is simple, once you have experienced Industrial Warfare, you will know how to develop solutions, solving some of the most complex industrial problems on international levels.

Practice makes perfect
Industries are invited to come to our Industrial Dojo and battle against competitors as they learn the traditional and modern arts of industrial warfare. The fighting sessions are practically applied as students learn how 7Tao is fused into their marketplaces. They will learn about the challenges the shop floor workers face as they respond to changes in a world where the pace of technological change and adherence to the global rules challenge them from every direction. 
Similar to any competition, whether football, tennis, cricket or a boxing match, we set the playing field to resemble the modern world. 7Tao will guide competitors as they fight against each other in a no holds barred, no rules, industrial battle sessions. Competitors will be building exciting products as they learn the 7Tao systems applications and begin their journey into creating a new set of parameters designed for the 21st century under British educational guidance.


Any organization, whoever they are, whatever they do and where ever they reside, practice the 7Tao without knowing it. 7Tao stands for each element of the Transaction as defined by the Chinese philosophies of trading.
The 7Tao (7 Ways) of the Transaction are Price, Delivery, Quality, After Market, Customers, Shareholders and Employees. All seven parameters must benefit when taking part in any industrial competition, if any one of these is weak, the transaction may collapse and business can be left vulnerable to closure through obsolescence. The 7Tao is the primary measure of a business. The more transactions a business makes, the more successful the business becomes.

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