Policy makers, Government officials, Chief Executive Officers, Boards and most importantly, shop floor workers from all over the world are welcome to come and practice Industrial Combat as they realign their perceptions to find solutions to the very complex problem of trade, economic and industrial war. National economies can benefit from the study of 7Tao because of the understanding they receive from the practice. They learn lessons about new problems in the global trading system and begin the building process to make a better world. Our process is simple, once you have experienced Industrial Warfare, you will know how to develop solutions, solving some of the most complex industrial problems on international levels.

Nations can provide their manufacturers with the appropriate protections they need to defend their economy and industries.  Practitioners are aware and informed of the different difficulties they face as a global ‘battle for growth’ intensifying over the next century. This ferocious environment of export based industrial battle has been around since the 1950’s and has only been recently bought into focus in the news. 7Tao has defined the environment using the ancient Eastern philosophies to create an Industrial Combat method which can simulate the challenges that industry will face when witnessing the rise of the East.

Practice makes perfect

Industry is invited to come to our Industrial Dojo and battle against competitors as they learn the traditional and modern arts of industrial battle. The fighting sessions are practically applied as the students learn how 7Tao is fused into their understanding of industry. They will learn the challenges the shop floor have to face as their workers respond to global changes which competitors will bring in a world where the older rules based orders become obsolete.
Similar to any competition, whether football, tennis, cricket or a boxing match, we set the playing field to resemble the modern world. We guide competitors as they battle against each other in a no holds barred, no rules, industrial battle sessions. Competitors will be building exciting products as they learn the 7Tao systems applications and begin their journey into creating a new set of parameters designed for the 21st century under British educational guidance. 7Tao is audited by British Awarding Bodies with trade links throughout the world.


Any organization, whoever they are and where ever they reside, practice the 7Tao without even knowing it. 7Tao stands for each element of the Transaction as defined by the Chinese philosophies of trading.
The 7Tao (7 Ways) of the Transaction are Price, Delivery, Quality, After Market, Customers, Shareholders and Employees. All of these seven parameters must benefit when taking part in any industrial competition, if any one of these is weak, the transaction collapses and business can be left vulnerable to closure through obsolescence.
The 7Tao is the primary measure of a business. The more transactions a business makes, the more successful the business becomes. 7Tao looks at the efficiency and effectiveness of a transaction as the marketplace is penetrated and dominated. Students will practice Industrial Combat as they support their transaction process navigating an increasingly difficult and morally challenging world.
Competitors all over the world will break every rule as they ignore and belittle the World Trade Organisation based trading system, in the process, they will be defining a new set of standards, more in tune with the culture of a changing world. As students learn the 7Tao, they are aware, prepared and have ethical standing while understanding the nature of modern day industrial battle.  7Tao teaches them the difficulties they will face while dismantling the obsolete areas of the modern global trading system and reinventing new ones. 7Tao becomes the engine of creation of a better ‘rules based order’ which is designed by the students themselves as they respond to changes in the marketplace. 

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