Amar Manzoor is the Director of 7Tao Engineering Ltd. After pursuing an international and multicultural engineering education in Asia, North America and Europe, he gained several advanced degrees in Computer Science and Engineering as well as exposure to the companies of Lucas Aerospace, Allied-Signal Aerospace and Honeywell Aerospace where he cut his teeth in advanced manufacturing systems.
During a 6-year stint lecturing 80 advanced manufacturing firms world class manufacturing techniques, he embarked on a mission to design a business system based on the principles of Chinese Industrial Warfare. He had a natural interest in what Engineering would look like in fighting form because of his lifetime exposure to the Asian fighting disciplines. He called the system ‘7Tao, the Art of Industrial War’. Amar has met with eye-opening revelations in his quest to make the system a natural selection for businesses in the era of Chinese economic and industrial dominance.
Amar built the 7Tao system resulting in literary publication by 2005, after spending 6 years predicting, constructing and systematically testing the 7Tao system’s component elements with students of companies he was teaching.
From 2006 onwards, he moved to set up a company which would be used to bring 7Tao into the corporate world for further systemic testing and evaluation. After proving the 7Tao industrial combat methods capability and resilience in the marketplace until 2016, he embarked on a globally based media exposure process helped by the international Epoch Media Group, the largest multilingual newspaper group in the world. 
The market for 7Tao arrived as expected, exactly 20 years later in the form of a US China Trade war which envelopes the entire world.
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