7Tao is an Industrial Combat method designed for governments, institutions and corporations to help them understand the environment of the ‘US China Trade War’, surfacing in April 2018.
7Tao is taught at the School of Industrial Combat, a place where companies can come and practice Industrial Warfare in battle simulations across any global manufacturing environment.
Designed for understanding competitiveness and corruption, 7Tao delivers a route to the discovery of economic problems in the modern world by practice of Industrial Combat. 7Tao delivers effective transaction based solutions in a world where growth is driven by the Eurasian continent.

The Environment

For decades, the International rules of trading have been eroded by global competitors who have been skirting their responsibilities and ignoring the WTO rules-based trading order designed 80 years ago. This has resulted in the gentle growth of industrial battle which has created multiple competitors across international boundaries. This drive for Industrial competition was led by Asian and European competitors during the 1950’s, just after World War II. The World Trade Organisation system of fair trade was steadily avoided, eroded and ignored. Entire continents have followed suit, each country practicing its own version of Industrial Warfare to propel their manufacturing based economies. The world is now engaging in a ‘battle for growth’ as economies race to provide a place for their people. 7Tao was created to understand this phenomenon, a place where competitors can come and practice industrial combat to find solutions in the shift Eastward.

Trade wars

President Donald Trump has introduced the concept of ‘Trade and Industrial Wars’ into the political arena during the 2016 election after learning about the power of the 7Tao methodology. The conflict grew rapidly during 2018 as all countries took on the concept of trade wars,beginning to counter each countries position in protectionism initiatives. This resulted in headline breaking news as each country backed their manufacturing industry erecting trade barriers in the form of close door tariffs. Trade wars have always been in existence, but always under the radar. However, in today’s politically charged environment, trade wars have been transferred to headline news. We are now witnessing the emergence of ‘Industrial Warfare’ as a primary source of debate as the ‘Trade War’ title steadily moves into the background.

Industrial Warfare

The Oxford English Dictionary defines economic warfare or economic war as involving “an economic strategy based on the use of measures (e.g. blockade) of where the primary effect is to weaken the economy of another state”.
In today’s political and economic environment, we cannot classify these battles as economic warfare as we are not in a physical war of any type. This is a far more focused battle which has been operating within the manufacturing arena for many decades, defined as Industrial Warfare.
Industrial Warfare has been in existence since the 1950’s and is used by every country which has a resident manufacturing plant, whether they know it or not. Some manufacturers are good at Industrial Warfare and most not so good. The ones that are good rise to the top of their field in every KPI definable. Others are left reeling, searching for answers.
7Tao is a unique insight into the industrial combat methods which corporations will use to compete against all odds to dominate their industry. After receiving training and education, you will know the force behind the US-China Trade war enveloping the global transaction process.
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