Grand Master Training

7Tao Grand Master:

The Grand Master is the most powerful industrial warrior within the corporation. The Grand Master has total control over the attack and defence strategies, tactics and operations in the corporation. His responsibilities are:


  • Defending the organizations 7Tao and making sure it is relevant to a constantly changing marketplace.
  • Monitoring the changes of a marketplace and understanding the dangers which are on coming so that they can be defended.
  • Understanding the nature of how the organization will be attacked in different forms and realms of technology, manpower, finance and economic attacks and formulating appropriate responses in preparation and answers.
  • Defending the transaction of the organization from the shop floor to the corporate report statement.
  • Defending the personnel of the corporation.


  • Attacking the attacker of the corporation.
  • Understanding and effectively planning where attacks will come from and preparing the organization to withstand the destruction of economic warfare conducted by the competitor and the criminal entities employed.
  • Attacking the competitors plans and objectives by effectively engaging the competitor using all of the attack strategies, tactics and operations of the organizations attack warriors.
  • Attacking the weaknesses of the home company constantly in order to ensure strength of products and processes which make up the company.
  • Red Teaming constantly in order to ensure that the corporation is prepared for every eventuality in the new global era of economic warfare.