Finance industry

Bottom-line improvements are usually the key driver in company decisions to adopt 7Tao principles. You will see measurable, concrete results almost immediately. However, there is another great benefit for companies working in a regulatory framework, such as the financial services industry.

Lean practices make it inherently easier to comply with regulatory mandates, and they provide the information needed to make decisions on questions of the best way to meet the outcomes the FSA is looking for rather than slavish adherence to process. The principles are very robust and can apply across a wide range of businesses and to any application within your company.

“You definitely become safer with standardised processes,” one CEO commented. “Your company becomes more structured and based on best practices. And, operations based on best practices tend to be inherently safer,” she explains.

This is by far the most productive and hands on productivity development system we have encountered:
James Jameson: United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.