The Benefits of understanding Industrial Warfare

Businesses of all sizes rely on creating transactions to power their bottom line. Each and every transaction must be defended and understood for the financial health of the business. 7Tao has been a success throughout its lifetime in understanding the modern economic warfare realities of the global economic system. 7Tao understands that as the market grows more competitive - nations, corporations, economies and businesses will challenge each other in symmetric and asymmetric economic challenges.

7Tao is designed to protect your company through understanding the realities of modern industrial warfare. With over 512 Attack and Defense techniques to choose from, every angle of industrial war has been considered for you to protect your enterprise.  All of these techniques are designed  to strengthen your transaction in any part of the world you may choose to operate, and protect your organization from threats both known and unknown.

You will understand the best Defense strategies, tactics and operations and know exactly how the competitor will attack you Strategically, Tactically and Operationally. The two disciplines combined produce infinite levels of transactional and financial strength to your company.

The  7Tao Industrial Warfare system is so powerful that the benefits are immediate and keep improving.
Alex Hawkridge: Formula one

7Tao benefits the customer by understanding the 7 Ways (7Tao) of Industrial warfare:

-        Tao 1: Reduced costs and competitive price.

-        Tao 2: Faster delivery with on time target completion.

-        Tao 3: Zero defect target policies and defect reduction strategy.

-        Tao 4: After sales support strategy.

-        Tao 5: Customer satisfaction.

-        Tao 6: Improved Return on investment.

-        Tao 7: Better skilled employees.

7Tao are heavily involved in the Aerospace industry.