“This is an eye opening discovery, something which is precious and productive. Possibly the best improvement system in existence today. So easy to understand, and implement. 7Tao gets it done.” Michael Costello, United Nations.

Founded in 2007 by industry experts led by Principal Amar Manzoor, 7Tao have pioneered the innovative ‘Industrial Warfare Method’ to deliver a potent combination of business support packages in UK and international markets for public and private sector organisations.

Anticipating a worldwide economic depression which would last more than three decades, 7Tao developed Industrial Warfare, helping organizations to survive extremely competitive international marketplaces where the level playing field has been rendered obsolete.

Industrial Warfare business professionals provide knowledgeable help and support through experienced implementations in manufacturing and non manufacturing environments, and a sensible engagement route to public service consultation and support.

Fusing the principles of Chinese business methods, Amar created a strategic, tactical and operationalĀ masterpiece calledĀ 7Tao which helps any organization overcome its difficulties in challenging recessionary times and highly competitive environments. With more than 100 years of experience combined, the Industrial Warfare team are able to help organisations who aim to succeed in their industry and defend themselves against any competition in any part of the world.

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