The Art of Industrial Warfare

Open bookThe most powerful industrial combat system ever devised. My business is richer in knowledge, richer in confidence and richer in profit through the 7Tao approach.    CEO of Drury’s Engineering Ltd

A conceptual system used by corporations, armed forces and governments to engage a rival countries industrial prowess. The system has over a billion combinations of defence and attack.  Taught through ‘live combat’ modelling and simulation of economic and industrial battle, the system is the most effective method of engaging competitors who do not follow any rules, do not respect the level playing field, and will not hesitate in attacking markets by seizing entire customer chains.

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The Art of Industrial Warfare is published by Shepheard-Walwyn, a London based publisher. The book is available from the publisher’s website, from Amazon and other bookshops around the world.

Two publications have been released by 7Tao.

A book for the general public, The Art of Industrial Warfare covers the subject of industrial warfare with a broad brush. This introductory 11 chapter piece covers the basis of modern industrial warfare and helps the reader understand the unique challenge which faces the corporate world as it enters a new era. The book displays the huge challenge which corporate leaders must overcome in a business environment which renders the level playing field irrelevant. It actively displays how businesses have overcome challenges set by competitors who do not respect the law, the level playing field and the western mode of thinking.

The second is a complete economic fighting system used to commandeer the shallow waters of a world in which the global level playing field has all but vanished. Over 550 techniques, strategies, and tactics display the different defense and attack patterns which are used in fighting a full scale industrial and economic war with competitors who do not respect the global economic legal system. This product is reserved for governments, defense institutions, and corporations who are facing severe threats on multiple fronts by competitors.   7Tao is taught through ferocious economic combat simulations and is administrated by a fully functional system of development. Experienced engineers and multiple assessment strategies which engage the student to challenge difficult trading environments with creative thinking and new solutions. 7Tao is the most ferocious economic combat system ever designed.

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The next 100 years of war will be based on an economic competition between China and America. This introductory book displays how countries and corporations can prepare for this war between these economic superpowers.  7Tao is the fiercest industrial fighting method known to the global market. ISBN:9780856832970
Publishers: Shepheard-Walwyn

7Tao Manual

Over 250 defense techniques, over 250 attack techniques. Strategic, Tactical and Operational depth shown throughout this lavishly documented economic fighting manual. Over a billion combinations of defense and attack combined. This ferocious example of economic combat allows the user to defend themselves in any trading environment of the world.